Welcome to a place where dreams come true and impossible is nothing

The Road to Enlightenment

Welcome to the world of escapism. A time to relax and forget the worries of our world. I will entertain you, and help you forget your problems. Come romp on the fantasy side.

Every so often I will provide you with a new story, a new adventure, a new chance to find something you can truly enjoy.

There will be stories for everyone ... children included.

Should you be interested in a custom made story for your child see ‘Custom Feature’. No not like those books you can order where they make up a story and then just change the name of the hero to one that you want. I will write a story just for you, a loved one, or a child you want to feel special. You will give me certain details about the person, and I will take it from there. I have included a story that I have done for a little girl who was afraid of the Tooth Fairy and Santa. This will give you a sample of what you could expect. And what child wouldn’t love to say that they have had a story written just for them. Contact me for details.

And what is in this for me you ask? Well yes I will charge a fee for a custom story, but as for the rest I will be doing what I enjoy, and at the same time I will be showcasing my work. I keep all copy rights for my stories, so anyone wanting to reproduce any of my stories must have my permission. I do plan on keeping this website going for a long time, and at the same time will use this as a stepping stone to the publication of my novels, the first of which ‘Third Times The Charm’ is in book stores as of April 30, 2007.

So join me in my world, and suggestions are always welcome, so please feel free to contact me.